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When I was younger and now I was doing all sorts of sexual fun. My b / feelmytube f over time often have sex in the car or outside, it was normal and a lot of fun. On Day 1 we took a stroll through a country park, and had a little fun in different places, touching, oral, the last to enter it from me. On the way back to the parking lot, we both wanted to pee. Hit the plumbing, but if we had closed the doors of the ladies. My b / f smiled and went to free the men, and said : we must use this option if you ant to go. They went slowly to make sure no one was there to surprise, perhaps. The two entered into separate toilets, and had the urine. Between us there was a hole in feelmytube the wall. He looked at me and said through coooeee made ​​my b / f sounds like a fool again. When I saw his cock in hand and was playing with it and waved it at me. Moved and put his head through the hole. I bent down and touchedthe tknow with my tongue probing the hole feelmytube in the end with my wet tongue. Slid through its axis and I took it in my mouth, and slowly pulled back and forth to suck his penis. My hand went between my legs and nude lips, and began to finger. He feelmytube slid his cock over and took him through more in my mouth. I said 'wait. ' I stood up turned around and supported me to the opening of his effort and touch. I could feel his feelmytube wet hand against the cheeks of my ass. I bowed and tail floating air and put my feelmytube wet pussy hole. He pushed forward and slid me right into my pussy hole. I opened my swing and my bra no less - breasts. As I played with my fucking tits and pushed me against the wall feelmytube so he could go as far as he could. I play a side and again with my clitoris with the situation, I feelmytube soon came, and pushed his cock aginst Madley. Sat him out back down and turn the head to tail again. I opened my mouth and my lips slid over his button again taste my own pussy juice. I started to get on and off its axis, as it was my pussy hole, I hit in the mouth, as if fucking my mouth. It would take more, he always said that I sucked well, in fact, over the years my b / f, i said he was shit, could not hold back and a groan out feelmytube of his cab and spunk mouth open. I continued to suck hard cock for every drop of sewage in the mouth, swallowing every bit, so it was not in vain. after its cargo had disappeared in the mouth, I finally licked the knob sucks and licks clean. 'We 'll find out,' he said. I bent down to pick up my pants as I did, I realized that the hole on the other side of my cabin, had an eye to me. I looked back and leaned on it, I saw a man in his teens, and he was shaking his cock, my God, I thought I must have seen it all. CER wasdefinitely a great guy, and I smiled to see his face. He got up and put his cock in opening pushed through. I knew what I wanted, but I was a bit nervous incase it was my b / f came back he was a little jealous of the feelmytube variety, and when I said cock to play with other kids seemed to go crazy. I took off my pants and opened the door and ran. had benches outside and we sat there and laughed about what we had done, and he looked mischievously. The next thing I saw the baby in the cab of another has left, my b / f does not realize and was busy somewhere else. When the man came to us to get to the parking lot, looked at me, smiled and winked and blew her a kiss. I could see his bulge through his tracksuit, oh, how I wanted the grave and move into my mouth. He turned, put his thumb up as if to thank and returned to his car. My b / f and I went home and had a powerful sex session, I know my b / f I was surprised how I felt sexyBut I dared not tell. share a few months later, I returned to the bath block and sat in the car one day. Getting saw the boy when he left the car to follow another pair, he looked at me and smiled. He saw I was on my own and came, I told him what had happened, and he entertained me. From that day was my b / f, and had seen many sessions in the bathrooms, and a couple feelmytube of guys too many times and in the bushes or in the car. A wonderful moment for a number of months until we found two other partners, but we still see each other occasionally, and I still have the same bathrooms or shrubs in the warmer seasons. Keep an eye on the Enville area for me, you never know you can get a full view.
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